Why Higher Apprenticeships

The HA for Chemical Science Professionals & Life Sciences is designed by companies and represents the variety of business and practical abilities that results in the professional competence companies want.

Higher trainee training is ‘on the job’ and so it adds to your own productivity, whilst at the exact same time, the trainee gains directly from expertise and the abilities of co-workers around them.

Abilities are acquired that are only irrelevant to the science-based sectors, but are unique for your company. Over 80% of companies who employ trainees say they make the work force more productive.

Higher Apprenticeships enable companies to obtain untapped, underrepresented pools of recruits that are talented with the ability lead to your own company success and to flourish in your sector.
The price of cultivating the science professionals your company needs through a Greater Apprenticeship is comparable to the expense of training and recruiting a grad.

Participating with and encouraging your social responsibility will be fulfilled by Higher Apprenticeships and you are going to be making a genuine contribution to the science and the local community -based businesses in general.