What’s an Apprenticeship?
An Apprenticeship is a work- based programme that combines on and off the job training. What this means is that apprentices have the opportunity to exhibit competence in their own job function and acquire knowledge and the practical skills needed in their own industry.

What’s a Higher Apprenticeship?

Include qualifications at a level equivalent to Higher Education and a Higher Apprenticeship was created to meet with companies’ needs at higher ability levels.

Who’s the Higher Apprenticeship for?
What level of qualification does a Higher Apprenticeship symbolize?

Advanced degree – including qualifications equivalent to 2 A-levels.
Higher amount – including qualifications equivalent to the first rungs of the Higher Education ladder.
What is the employer’s commitment?
You must employ the Apprentice that is Higher for at least 30 hours each week and pay them the minimum wage. Employers may also establish benefits programme and their own benefit.

Support their on-the-job training and you may need to provide trainees with the induction into their job role.

Who provides the off the job training?

Most employers work with training provider, Higher Education Institution or a Further Education college to deliver proper, off some on the job – training and the occupation –. Together with delivering predetermined elements of the apprentice’s training, training suppliers will work to ensure the apprentice is developing at a steady rate.

Can a higher trainee get professional qualifications?

The Developing Science Professionals programme is planned to the requirements of the new Science Council Tech Register, enabling the higher trainee to gain professional recognition, initially as a Registered Tech (RSciTech) and on conclusion of the programme as a Documented Scientist (RSci).

How has this programme come about?

In its ‘Plan for Growth’ (March 2011), the Government set out its approach to setting the UK on a course to sustainable, long term economic growth. The continued growth of the Apprenticeships programme is fundamental to those strategies. In particular Authorities dedicated to creating an added 10,000 Higher Apprenticeship positions over the period to March

Drive and to support that expansion in August 2011, in Higher Apprenticeships the Prime Minister established the £25m Higher Apprenticeships Fund.

How do I make a training supplier to produce the formal training for the Apprenticeship?

You will be connected by the Technical Apprenticeship Service with a provider in your area by sector who can deliver the training.

I’m a modest life science business how can I find out more about apprenticeships?
Many companies are unsure an Apprenticeship scheme works or what an apprentice is. A brief introduction has been prepared by cogent . Download here.

What is the National Apprenticeship Service?

The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) supports, funds and coordinates the delivery of Apprenticeships throughout England.

They can be accountable for raising the number of Apprenticeship opportunities and supplying a dedicated, responsive service for both employers and learners. This consists of simplifying the process of recruiting an apprentice through Apprenticeship vacancies, an online system where companies can advertise their Apprenticeship job vacancies and potential apprentices can apply.