UK School pushing the frontiers of science with CERN

Pupils in the Simon Langton School in Canterbury joined search for the magnetic monopole and the MoEDAL cooperation together. MoEDAL is a cooperation that is little and this makes the participation of a school even more prominent. On the other hand, the Langton takes an extremely different way of teaching science, encouraging its pupils to participate alongside recognized research institutes and universities in fundamental research.

“It’s fantastic to involve young people in this frontier science and to have the first MoEDAL paper outside now,” said Dr Becky Parker, Head of Physics. Our pupils are leading to the evaluation of data.

As electricity comes with two charges, negative and positive magnetism comes with two posts, North and South. The difference is that while it’s not difficult to isolate a negative or positive electric charge, nobody has ever seen monopole, or a singular magnetic charge. If you cut it in half and get a bar magnet, you get two bar magnets that are smaller, each with South and North Pole. So as electrons carry negative electric charge and protons carry positive charge magnetic monopoles could in theory carry a South Pole or a North.